Meet Our Team

Dr. Pratiksha Palahe

Head of National Facility for Biopharmaceuticals

Dr. Sanjeev Gupta

Head R&D , IPCA Lab Ltd.

Sanjeev Gupta has obtained a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology/Cell Line Engineering and completed M.Sc. in Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology. At present working as Sr. General Manager and Head, Advanced Biotech Lab (R&D-Biosimilar), Ipca Laboratories Ltd., Mumbai, India. Sanjeev Gupta has established a new world-class state of the art Biotech R&D facility for the development of mAb Biosimilars. He is also actively involved in establishing modern, lean and multiproduct flexible single-use Bio-manufacturing facility for Biosimilar commercial launch. He carries over 19 years of industrial experience and has been working since 2000 on the development of “Biosimilars” including monoclonal antibodies. His core expertise lies into Molecular Biology, Cell Line, Upstream process development, Bio-analytical as well as GMP cell banking and characterization. Till date, he developed and contributed for over twelve recombinant molecules, of which eight Biosimilar products have been already launched in the Indian market and the rest are in the developmental or clinical phase and are expected to be launched in near future. During his professional tenure, he worked at various position in reputed Indian biopharmaceuticals industries such as Zydus-Ahmedabad, Wockhardt-Aurangabad, Panacea-New Delhi, Intas-Ahmedabad and at present in Ipca Laboratories, Mumbai. He delivered talks on Biosimilars in various national and international conferences organized by IBC, Terrapin, IMAPAC, CphI, Biopharma, Selectbio and UBM. He has also published several Research articles (10), Book chapters (05), Magazines (04) and Patent (01) in lieu of the Biosimilar development.