Dr MK Sahib

Adj. Prof. , BAMU

Dr. Maharaj Kishen Sahib obtained a PhD in Biochemistry and completed MSc in Biochemistry. He was the Director of R&D, Genomics & Biotechnology, Wockhardt for 19 years, a visiting scientist of institutions (7) and a part of CDRI, Lucknow for 20 years. Dr Sahib is a recipient of several Awards and Honors and is a member of number of board of studies. He has developed a bio pesticide HALT for which Wockhardt received first DSIR Award for in-house research in biotechnology. He has more than 100 publications in peer reviewed International Journals and several international patents to his credit. Several products commercialized/pipeline products are developed in Wockhardt under his leadership. He has developed several biosimilar recombinant human/humanised therapeutic proteins, vaccines, fermentation products (9). Dr. Sahib is an internationally renowned Scientist & industry leader in the field of Bio Similar and Biology.