Topics of conference & Speakers

  1. Recombinant technology: advent, impact and future opportunities- Dr. M K Sahib
  2. Biosimilar development: an overview- Dr. Samir Kulkarni
  3. Preclinical & clinical development, commercialization of Biosimilars- Dr. Hanmant Barkate
  4. Inspirational talk: Learning from the legends- Dr. Vishal Warke
  5. Various approaches for the development of cell line- Dr. Praveen Rao
  6. Opportunities and challenges in bioprocessing- Dr. Sanjeev Gupta
  7. Comprehensive characterization for biosimilarity demonstration- Dr. Dipak Thakur
  8. Role of Industry-Academia collaboration for strengthening eco-system for Biosimilar development – Dr. Pratiksha Palahe