Training program

Self-paced online training program

In this program, we provide reading material with lifetime access along with videos explaining basic principles and working on analytical instruments (one week access)

  • E-certificates will be provided on completion of tests.

*2-days on-site basic training program

In this program, we provide the basic principle and working on these analytical instruments and also help young minds to connect with practical applications by data interpretation of actual samples.

*Please contact us for availability of the program.

Online training program focused on instruments

In this program, the following topics are covered-


  • History & principle of chromatography, components of HPLC, an overview of AIQ
  • Data interpretation, performance & peak integration parameters, system suitability and quantitation Methods


  • Overview of liquid chromatography, integrating LC to MS, components of MS and MS/MS, application of LCMS, challenges and development, future trends
  • Terminologies and acquisition parameters for MS and MS/MS, fragmentation rules and theories, structural elucidation using MS/MS


  • Overview of Gas chromatography, Components of Mass Spectrometry, Introduction to MS/MS, Applications of GCMS
  • Fragmentation rules and theories, structural elucidation of small molecules using MS/MS, data processing & interpretation tools

Fluorescence spectroscopy

  • Principle of fluorescence, Fluorophores and its features
  • Instrumentation of spectrofluorimetry and its operation
  • Applications of fluorescence spectroscopy and case study discussion

IR spectroscopy

  • History and principle of Infrared spectroscopy
  • Instrumentation
  • Sample preparation strategies
  • Applications

Online training program focused on the application

In this program, the following topics will be covered

HPLC Method development

  • Connecting operating parameters with performance parameters
  • Method development workflow
  • Introduction to QbD
  • Case study discussion

HPLC Method validation

  • Need to perform HPLC method validation, Overview of ICH guidelines, Development of validation protocol, Experimental design for HPLC method validation
  • Validation parameters and associated troubleshooting and Statistical tool for analysis of results

*Customized program

We have customized the program depending upon their requirement.

60 hours online training program on analytical instrumentation

Instruments/ techniques covered: HPLC, LCMS, GCMS, ELISA and fluorescence spectroscopy

Biosimilar characterization

  • Principle & Operation, Data interpretation
  • Application of Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry, Circular Dichroism spectroscopy, Fluorescence spectroscopy and Analytical Ultra Centrifugation in structural characterization


  • Basic principle, types & operation of Chromatography
  • Application of chromatography in Intact mass & subunit analysis, Peptide mapping, Glycan analysis and Charge & size variant analysis

Refinary gas analyzer

  • Components of GC & their role in RGA
  • Nature of components/analytes present in the sample under RGA
  • Columns used in RGA and their role
  • Detectors used in RGA and their role
  • Demonstration using Case study
  • Generation of a comprehensive report based on detection using different detectors
  • Overview of calibration & troubleshooting

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*other customized programs can be arranged as per customer requirements.