Webinar Topics

Tentative Webinar topics

  1. Role of algorithms in confident identification of protein modifications
  2. Benefit of SWATH technology for mass spectrometry-based characterization of HCP
  3. High resolution mass spectrometry: Role of Orbitrap mass analyzer in characterization of biotherapeutics
  4. latest innovations in high-mass detection and native MS
  5. Innovations in cell line development
  6. Single use reactors: Benefits and challenges
  7. Pharmacy on demand (a small manufacturing platform for continuous bioprocesses)
  8. Controlled ice nucleation for lyophilization processes
  9. Biophysical characterization of protein biotherapeutics
  10. Holistic view of method development for extractable-leachable studies.
  11. Multi-attribute method: an emerging technology for biotherapeutic characterization
  12. Virus clearance studies: Importance of design of experiment
  13. Innovation in technology for confident and consistent glycan analysis
  14. Drift tube Ion mobility-Mass spectrometry for collision cross-section measurement
  15. Hydrogen deuterium ion exchange HDX mass spectrometry for higher order structure comparison
  16. Development of Instant ELISA format for Ig isotyping
  17. Analytical Ultracentrifugation in biopharmaceutical industry